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Privacy and Safety

Your Data

The information you give us here on Kooth is stored securely on our servers and is anonymous and encrypted.

We may use the data we store for routine evaluation of the service, but this is always anonymous.

On Kooth we are asked by the people who pay for the service, the funders, to provide them with anonymous monthly case studies of our work with young people. The funders use the case studies to see how well Kooth is doing in supporting you.

Counsellors also have to take part in ongoing training and development so that they can be best placed and trained to support you. This means that they sometimes also have to write case studies for their courses or training. Whenever a case study is written, we never use any identifiable information. This includes your username. It will never be possible to identify you from these case studies.

The case studies are also confidential to both the funders and the training courses. They are not shown to others.


Sometimes getting extra help when you are struggling is really useful. Depending on where you live you may be given the option of a referral to another service. These services may be operated by Kooth or a partner organisation.

If you choose to self-refer to one of these services through the Kooth platform you will be asked for confidential information such as your name(s), address and date of birth. This information will only be accessible by the Kooth Team and the organisation you are being referred to. We will always let you know who that organisation is.

When you self-refer to another service, Kooth will keep a record of your personal details that the counselling team will be able to access during future online sessions.

Access to your records

You can request a copy of your records, if we have enough information to identify you. You will need to make this request in writing via email to:

Jean Lancashire,
Clinical Director,